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that question paper or plastic anymore. beginning tomorrow at every grocery store in san francisco a new law goes on the book at midnight. it outlaws most retailers from packing merchandise into plastic bags. customers will pay ten cents for every paper or compostable bag they use. >> san francisco just keeps getting a little more expensive it sounds like. >> people want a paper bag, it's ten cents. hopefully it's not too big of a deal for them. >> city leaders hope the new law will force consumers to be more ecofriendly and carry reusable tote bags with them on shopping trips. san francisco's existing plastic bag ban applies only to chain grocery and drug stores. the new law will cover most mom and pop stores, too, as well as the national chains. >>> governor brown today is giving juveniles a second chance by saying no to a controversial therapy and denying children multiple parents. the governor signed a bill that will give some juvenile sentenced to life without parole a chance to earn it, but not before serving at least 15 years. he also approved a bill ending a type of psychotherapy mak
shall domestic terrorism. someone set fire to the private law office of the vallejo mayor over the weekend and there is is the latest on the investigation. >> davis faced challenges during mayor, ushering the city through bank rupsy, facing off with the lgbt community and recent increase in officer-involved shootings but this arson might be toughest. >> attempt to instill fear failed. >> and he calls it a malicious act. and is leaving the building a turned out shell. this is the latest including someone breaking windows, dumping trash and stealing his motorcycle from city hall. >> i will say the number of acts of vandalism which i have been subjected to causes me to believe this is related to my position as mayor and not as my position as an attorney. >> neither the mayor nor investigators will speculate about why he's being targeted. he's been confronted over several shootings in this city and called on the attorney general to investigate. residents support him. >> he's hoping that things will go well. >> i think it's envelope that this criminal element is running rampant in t
often in the castro. people will be surprised to know there is no state law against public nudity. >> that is right. it only deals with lewd, nude behavior, and not nudity itself. last year you might remember san francisco supervisors passed a law requiring nudists to put a towel or something down on the seat before they sit. and the man behind that measure has been pushing for new restrictions. >> on a nice day, this man enjoys baring it all. these a are the so called naked guys. >> this is a neighborhood that has limited public space and our town square is now almost every day a nudist colony. it's not okay. >> the supervisor scott weiner proposed public nudity be restricted to what he calls appropriate venues including bay to breakers, folsom street fair and the beach. he says his district, the castro has seen a skyrocketing increase in people who like to display their privates in public. this man would not divulge his name and put his clothes back on believe there's is nothing wrong with showing his assets. >> i think to be human it's to have a human body. to be ashamed of you
caused oirjs. i want to apologize to the law enforcement community for the embarrassment and betrayal inflicted upon it mr. butter lied and continues to lie. >> the attorney michael car dorza represents norman welsh. the trial is set to begin by the end of the year. the star witness against him, christopher butler. >> considering mr. butler hasn't told the truth about anything since he's been arrested i'm not sure hil heel have much impact in this case. >> another former friend could be the target of a testimony. and this divorce lawyer pled guilty to tax evasion and wire tapping charges related in the du. ui scheme. >> she'll make a about witness? >> i think she make a good witness. >> butler has been held in a federal facility since may. today in court the attorney asked he be kept there to serve the duration of a sentence. as a former cop and someone who can now be labeled a snitch, he could become a target. in prison. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and everyone is talking about a controversial call at the end of the monday night football game. >> it changed the outcome of the game. the
he can get a term of seven years when jentsed. and according to law must be released by age 21. >> 150 concerned parents showed up with a meeting to address last week's kidnapping. on friday there is a 9-year-old girl groped in the bathroom and dragged outside by her attacker. and there are add minute vaitors considering changes. >> i would drop drown and scream as loud as i can. >> and that is a fine line and something we'll talk about. >> the 25-year-old has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and child molestation. the school has begun to attack locks to gaets and considering putting up a fence. >> tonight details against a prominent gay rights advocate. he entered a not guilty plea today and there are prosecutors claiming there is more than enough evidence against him. and we're live tonight, you've seen documents and evidence that is shocking. >> it is shocking what is contained in a search warrant and he said he could not repeat any evidence in this warrant because it's too leery. the 66-year-old remained silent. he was charged with six counts of possessing and dist
in order to bring this to national attention and get something done about it. >> and there is no law preventing the cars from using cars under safety recall. >> tonight they're all u.s. citizens. there are 1200 people taking the oath this morning and there is many registered to vote just in time for november election. >> we're excited she was a leader. >> and i have my own ideas and i want to make sure that i have a say in that. >> there will be citizens able to vote that same day if they take their certificate to county election office. >> how cool that? >> there is more still to come. the blitz giving the president a big bounce in polls. there is a calculated effort. >> students took a class saving their schools tens of thousands of dollars. stay with us. >>> and tonight, there is another explanation for his rising poll numbers and mark matthews is here with a look at the really hit first strat ji we've been saying that it's going to be a close race ask could boil down to direction of the economy and this campaign figured it could be more important than people think. in the last we
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6